Success Stories: Point of Sale at Destination Farmer's Markets

Farmer's Markets storefront
Point of Sale at Destination Farmer's Markets with a employee turned facing it

Farmer's Markets have grown with the rise in health consciousness, organic preferences, and the trend of buying local. In the process they have become destination experiences unto themselves: hosting weddings, holding events and festivals, and showcasing a wide variety of colorful people, products, and produce.

Amid this lively and bustling setting, business is still conducted, and must do so in an environment not exactly friendly to electronics: water spills, dirt, grime, unexpected falls, and occasional outdoor elements are all daily hazards a Point of Sale system must be able to survive. Our lineup can take all of this and more, and is as robust and reliable as anything else you'd expect from a Farmer's Market.

We also understand your Point of Sale system is a critical component of your marketplace; without it, business may not happen. Our advanced exchange program means that even if you do manage to do our systems in we'll have a replacement shipped out to you rather than having you wait to have yours repaired.

The health and well being of ourselves, our families, our friends, and our businesses all benefit from the Farmer's Markets, and our systems support you, and them, every inch!

Point of Sale at Destination Farmer's Markets, with and employee standing next to it facing the camera
Side angle shot of Farmer's Markets storefront
Interior of Farmer's Markets

Retail store shelf faded in blue

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