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Our goal is to help our retail clients gain control over business processes to foster sustainable growth and increased prosperity.

From the Washington & Lincoln Memorial gift shops in our Nation's Capital to thriving retail chains including The Dance Shop in Altoona, PA; from Beards Hill Liquors in Aberdeen, MD to Mt. Rainier National Park towering over the Puget Sound; to the Los Angeles Philharmonic in California and Arnold’s Greenhouse in LeRoy, KS, to Fresh Vitamins in the Caribbean, J&M provides quality solutions and unmatched customer support from coast to coast.

Retail Point of Sale Solutions

As a Certified Retail Solutions Partner for NCR's Counterpoint line of Point-of-Sale software and hardware, J&M empowers clients with up to date POS technologies. Counterpoint tools include POS touchscreen registers and inventory management tools, as well as integrated email marketing, integrated ecommerce, automatic security alerts, and iPhone/iPad card-swipe/code- reading stations for mobile sales with wireless EMV ready POS transactions.

Counterpoint is adaptable and well suited for many business types, including - though certainly not limited to — sporting goods, lawn and garden, museum and gift shops, artisan food sales, beer/wine/liquor, antique shops and much more.

Manufacturing, Wholesale & Distribution Software

J&M Systems is a Certified partner for Passport Business Solutions. Passport offers accounting software and manufacturing planning and inventory management software for small and medium-sized manufacturers. Services may also include custom programming and support as needed to augment the already robust features provided by Passport.

Network & Security Services

Working with tools and partners including NCR, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and many more, J&M Systems offers a wide variety of services including cloud-based data backup, firewall deployment and configuration, and Voice-Over- IP.

The Way We Work

J&M is a dynamic small business that has accomplished big things for other small to mid-size businesses. Our top priority is first-class customer service for our clients, both during and after initial rollout. We believe in solutions that are as simple as possible but as complex as required. Our website embodies that principal; we know how to create fancy Flash presentations but we doubt you really care much about that. So we encourage you to check out our Success Stories and core Product lines and then give us a call at 410-679- 4950.

As you might guess from our logo, we're dog lovers at J&M. Our small business solutions are multi-"petform", that is to say cat friendly; but if you visit our offices we encourage you to leave the felines at home. Rocco (our French Bulldog) and Zoey (our Boston Terrier) will show you lots of love but your cats, well, maybe not so much.

It would be our pleasure to serve you and your business in the near future.

JoAnn & Mark Geier, Partners

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