Tips to Help Companies Return to the Workplace Safely

July 2nd, 2020 by admin

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As companies begin to reopen, there needs to be specific rules and regulations to ensure that employees and customers are safe. Whether that is cleaning high-traffic areas and surfaces more frequently, enforcing social distancing, or operating at 50% capacity, there are critical steps that businesses need to take.

Office Work

If your employees have been working remotely but are returning to office work, certain guidelines should be put in place. One step your business can take is to space desks six feet apart, and in some cases, install transparent shields to divide the desks. Another step is to have a rotating schedule so that your office is only at 50% capacity at a given time. These steps will ensure that your employees can remain distanced and lessen the likelihood of spreading COVID-19.

Another step you can take is to require the use of face masks while in the office. Face Masks have been shown to lessen the distance that droplets can spread, so if someone unwittingly comes to work while contagious, there is a reduced chance of it spreading to the rest of your employees. Additionally, supplying hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will help to keep often touched surfaces clean.

If an employee does come to work while sick, the CDC has guidelines on how best to handle the situation. Included in these guidelines is how to properly disinfect the workplace.

Retail POS Systems

NCR released a guide on how to clean their point-of-sale hardware to ensure that the hardware is undamaged and that it has been properly disinfected. The guidelines for cleaning NCR hardware with touchscreens are as follows:

  • Clean the screen using a non-abrasive cloth and a diluted detergent or up to a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution.
  • Dry the screen with another soft cloth.
  • Do not apply cleaning products directly to the screen. Applying cleaning products directly to the screen, rather than a cloth, can damage the hardware.
  • For plastic and metal surfaces, clean the device with soap, water and bleach solution.

For more information on cleaning NCR POS hardware, please refer to NCR's guidelines.

It is important that businesses get back to work, but it is critical that going back to work is done in a safe and responsible manner. At J&M Systems, we can assist in a multitude of ways, from helping to relearn systems to password restoration. Additionally, NCR and J&M Systems have taken steps to help financially. We want your business to not only survive this crisis, but thrive after returning to work. Contact us to learn more about the ways we can help your company.

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