J&M Systems Provides Point of Sale, Distribution and Security Services

April 13th, 2020 by admin

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J&M Systems is a small business with the goal of helping other small businesses thrive. Whether that is by providing Point of Sale (POS) solutions and technology or cybersecurity software, our goal is to streamline your operations and allow your company to thrive.

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

We are a Certified Retail Solutions Partner for NCR's Counterpoint line of POS software and hardware. NCR provides a robust point of sale and inventory management system designed to integrate purchasing, customer tracking, and reporting. NCR's system also provides iPhone/iPad card-swiping and code reading stations if your business needs mobile POS capabilities.

NCR's POS system works exceptionally well for a variety of businesses, ranging from sporting goods and gift shops to artisan food sales and antique shops. Their inventory management system will help you manage your growing retail business.

Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution Software

Passport software is utilized by businesses nationwide that require financial and manufacturing management software that is more robust than QuickBooks. With Passport, you gain access to different modules aimed at streamlining your business. The Financial module includes payroll, payroll direct, and time and billing. The Distribution module allows for order entry, sales analysis, and POS. Lastly, the Manufacturing module includes inventory management, product definition, customer processing, product purchasing, and more.

All of these features make it easy to have greater control over your operations, and improve transaction audit trails, with superior analysis and accounting tools.

Network and Security Services

We know that all businesses need robust cybersecurity to survive nowadays. That's why we provide WatchGuard Security to ensure your business network is protected. WatchGuard uses cutting edge technology to keep your network free from intrusions, viruses, and spam.

Recovering from a data breach can cost your company thousands of dollars and the trust of your clients. It is imperative that you take the necessary steps to protect your network from hackers.

J&M Systems will work diligently with your company to provide the best solutions that will allow your company to thrive. From POS systems to cybersecurity, we have you covered. Contact us today!

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